Why Should You Invest In Apple Pencil?

Why Should You Invest In Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil can be useful for things when your finger is simply too sloppy and you need more accuracy. Consequently, web browsing, a few trickier programs, and games become much more enjoyable.

What is the apple pencil capable of?

The Apple Pencil, however, is more than simply a finger substitute for the iPad. As the name implies, it is primarily a tool for writing and sketching, with Apple attempting to simulate the feel of a pencil on paper that’s very different from a finger on a computer.

Rest assured that it can’t feel as real as e-ink notepads because glass isn’t at all like paper. However, it is far more malleable than a finger, has no discernible latency, and has pressure sensitivity, so you may apply more pressure for a bolder line or less force for a softer impression.The tip’s edge may be used for shading, and the iPad’s palm rejection allows you to place your palm on the display without making a digital smudge.

For note-taking and meetings

Other than for artistic purposes, it’s excellent for taking notes in meetings while texting on the integrated keyboard takes much longer. You could use it to sign contracts, sparing the trouble of scanning, signing, and printing, plus you can annotate PDF files and screenshots as you go. You may use it as a virtual whiteboard for demonstrations by using HDMI or AirPlay to link it to a TV.

What type of Apple pencils should you buy?

Two kinds of Apple Pencils have been made available for purchase: the first-generation model costs $99 from Amazon and the second-generation model costs $129 from Amazon.

Unless you have yet to purchase an iPad, you have no say in what you receive. You may only be allowed to use one Apple Pencil or none at all, depending on the type of iPad you possess, so the choice is made for you. This is the Apple Pencil compatibility page.You should go through all Apple Pencil models (อุปกรณ์เสริม Apple Pencil ครบทุกอย่าง, term in Thai) before making the final decision.

The two models have the same fundamental features. Apart from aesthetics, the biggest distinction between the two is how they charge: the second generation wirelessly charges by fastening onto the device, whereas the first version uses the iPad’s Lightning connection and looks like an inflated lollypop. Additionally, you may switch between tools by tapping on the side, although it is a very tiny selling feature.

The Apple Pencil: should you get one?

You can carry them every time you attend a gathering or conduct a face-to-face interview. Start the top-notch Notability app, press record, and take notes while you listen. When you later tap a handwritten note, the audio from that section of the discussion will play back; alternatively, if you play the entire tape, my notes will resurface at the same moment you wrote them.It is wonderful.

It is a pricey add-on, but in my opinion, it is worthwhile. Additionally, if you’re unsure, you can always test out a cheapthird-party pen to see if it’s right for you.

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