Types of Group Messaging to Utilize for Better Productivity

The growing use of WhatsApp in both public and private sectors has led to stricter its regulation. One of the best practices companies used to address the concern is the WhatsApp call recording and archiving system. Meanwhile, other companies banned the app in their workplace. 

As for companies that retained the use of WhatsApp, one observable boost it did is the improvement of employee collaboration. For example, Itsgroup messaging feature enables a more efficient information exchange.

Here are some of the app’s group chat configurations tomaximize its use in the work setting.

Basic Group Messaging

Employees who are teamed up to work on one assignment benefit best from this. It keeps everyone in sync, allowing each member to participate in exchanging work-related information. Discussion and sharing of digital content are also enabled.

Topic-Based Group Chats

When industries involve vertical alignment of offices like the financial, government, and law enforcement agencies, topic-based group chats are often made. WhatsApp enables the members to relay information and improve project outputs through meaningful sharing of project insights. Topic-based group chats also minimize topics that are out of the discussion with the help of WhatsApp archiving

Broadcast List

News dissemination and updates within the company are made easier with WhatsApp’s broadcast list feature. This feature gives the administrator the right to initiate messages and sharing of attachments. However, members to whom the update was sent can only read and access the chats and contents. Replies made by any employee can only be seen by the administrator and not the other recipients. This makes the group chat controlled and organized for everyone.

Practical collaboration tools are necessary for efficient work outputs in modern times. With group messaging, productivity is secured even in the most uncertain times. Check out this infographic by TeleMessage to learn more.

Types-of-Group-Messaging-to-Utilize-For-Better-Productivity Types-of-Group-Messaging-to-Utilize-For-Better-Productivity


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