Purchasing the Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Biz

In the current era, you cannot do business without knowing what people say about your product. Customer feedback is vital for understanding how to improve yourself and what to include in your business. However, it might be challenging to sift through all comments, critics, and compliments, especially on social media platforms. For this reason, you require a tool that will help analyze what the market is saying and give you valuable data for your business. This is where social media analytics tools come in. They dig into all platforms where consumers share information, process the data, and help you understand the way to go.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Business

When it comes to analyzing social media, there are many tools you will get in the market. They all work differently and produce different results depending on what you want to achieve. Therefore, you should consider your priorities, establish your goal, and narrow it down to the most appropriate tool. You can now choose the one that fits your desires from this point. Continue below to see some of the most common features an excellent social media analytics tool should have.

Ease of Use

Go for a tool that your team will not have trouble maneuvering through. It should not be too complex for people to understand or require intensive training for your team. A suitable tool should be clear and straightforward, giving your team a wonderful experience working with it.

Customer Support

Apart from selling you good software, the company should be available when you need some help from them. For example, if something seems not to be working or you require advice on some improvements in your brand, they should be reachable and respond to your calls. The software company should also be ready to help you achieve the goals you had when purchasing their products and give you speedy and reliable solutions when you need them.

Team Work Access

Most companies usually have a team handling their social media analysis because of the bulk of the work. In this regard, social media analytics software should be available for use by different people. The tool you purchase should give access to other people and set different permission levels for each of them. This allows every team member to work in their capacity, and you, as the manager, can have overall authority over the work. Consider also the number of people the software allows and compare it with the people in your team. You should have enough capacity for the whole team and some additional vacancies for an extra person.


Whereas access by different people is necessary, the security of the software should be at optimum at all times. A good tool will ensure your information does not leak to competitors and stays within the ranks. How secure the software is, determines how well you will safeguard your social profiles and keep trolls away. You should also be able to limit the number of people who can access your logins, for example, by having a two-step login.


When you narrow down to the social media analytics tools that may suit you, the prices they offer should be the next consideration. Analyze the following:

  • Free features and pay-only features
  • Month to month payments
  • Annual contracts
  • Payment for a wholesome package instead of selective features

Different companies offer a diverse selection of payment plans and offers. Consider what you and the team need and choose the best tool for your business.

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