New trends for email automation: the rules on how to reach the customer

Email automation is a special and sought-after marketing communication that continues to be popular with billions of people on the planet. New mailing trends are embracing social dialogue. And this is an extremely important trend that actively influences what the content of an automated newsletter should be and how it should be done. More effective email automation is offered by the Reply service. It has all the main advantages of automated mailing and its formation, ranking, integration, and correction.

All without emotion or only emotion

Unusual advice? It’s quite simple – it’s about an increased focus on the needs and inner world of the customer.

Newsletters are becoming more and more unique and based on the requests of narrow segmented groups. And the text will not so much depend on the money the client is ready to spend, as on the value for him – a vacation at the sea or a picnic outdoors with your loved ones. Or maybe an evening spent at the soccer stadium. It is the client’s social behavior, not the direction of the company, that will determine the content offered to him in the newsletter.

Such fine-tuning of content and its personalization by an automated system is quite possible. Therefore, for a person who likes a formal style of communication, the content should be as simple and neutral as possible. And for the emotional consumer – everything will be built mainly on emotions and ways to prolong them, to get or learn about new emotional states.

Show the way to the product – think of it as very simple and not a hassle

The customer shouldn’t have to think about finding the right site or looking for a link to go to an online store to buy a particular category of product. You should not force the client to search for the desired product in ten to fifteen clicks. It is desirable that the transition was not more than two or three, and ideally – one. The client can look for what he needs, but with a minimum amount of time. Too much competition and too spoiled customer – these are the consequences of the expansion of digital commerce, which not only covers sites, but also almost all social networks. Therefore, links and structured and simple text are a good solution.

Create perfectly vivid content – compete with graphics

Graphic design of content is an important point for a quality and effective approach to a client. The letter and its design and attached files should have these characteristics:

  • minimal “weight”;
  • execution with perfect graphics – simple and trendy;
  • the design can be created with the help of special services or by order of professional graphic specialists.

And this is very serious! Text with a design in the form of “Word styles” will not do. Social media has created a finicky customer who appreciates the quality of message design to respect the customer, rather than the usual graphic excesses.

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