MySQL Workbench vs MySQL Migration Toolkit  

For a long time MySQL has been extremely popular free cross-platform database management system. That is why a lot of organizations and companies migrate their databases from expensive propriate DMBS to MySQL. When planning database migration, most specialists look for special software tools to automate the process since it may become complicated and tedious if doing manually. MySQL Workbench is a solution from the famous database vendor to migrate miscellaneous DBMS to MySQL.  

Benefits of MySQL Workbench: 

  • It is compatible with all versions of MySQL and supports all the modern features of the DBMS
  • The product is free to download
  • SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL and some other popular DBMS are supported
  • Users can use the product to migrate databases from older MySQL versions to the latest
  • Very popular product among the MySQL community

Disadvantages of MySQL Workbench: 

  • Requires ODBC drivers, Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable to run on MS Windows platforms 
  • Only Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 are supported
  • Only one-way migration is supported
  • Does not migrate from Oracle

MySQL Migration Toolkit by Intelligent Converters is a collection of tools to migrate popular data sources to MySQL and vice versa. Unlike MySQL Workbench, this product does not use ODBC or any other middleware software. Low-level techniques of reading and writing data allow to achieve high performance and reliability of the database migration. Also, the product does not have multiple prerequisites and installation procedure only includes running setup executable. 

Other features of MySQL Migration Toolkit:

  • All versions of MySQL servers are supported as well as forks (MariaDB, Percona) and SAAS variations
  • Wide range of supported platforms (Windows 7/8/10, Server 2012 and higher, Linux with WINE)
  • PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, Firebird, IBM DB2, MS Access, MS Excel, DBF/FoxPro databases are supported
  • Tables, indexes, constraints and views are converted
  • Option to pre-process data via SELECT-queries before migration 
  • Option to migrate into MySQL dump file for those cases when direct connection to MySQL server is not available
  • Option to serialize conversion settings into profile to simplify next run
  • Command line version of every tool allows to script and schedule the migration procedure

Limitations of MySQL Migration Toolkit

  • Does not migrate database logic entries such as stored procedures, functions and triggers
  • Works with predefined DBMS (see above), universal ODBC layer is not supported

The product price starts from $99 for basic edition that includes lifetime license, unlimited technical support service and is ranged up to $499 for corporate edition that also includes unlimited subscription for updates. More information about MySQL Migration Toolkit can be found on the official page of Intelligent Converters. 


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