archiveOctober 2023


Make your texts safe – How to use encrypt messages with privnote?

Digitalization has made privacy more important than ever. Messages sent by text and online are convenient and quick methods of communication. Unsecured networks pose risks to sensitive information. Without proper protection, private conversations could be accessed and read by anyone. Privnote is a free online service that allows you to...

Your Guide to Watching Rete 4 Abroad – How to Do It!

Italy's television landscape is rich and diverse, with channels that cater to every taste and interest. Among these, Rete 4 stands out as a beacon of entertainment and information. Whether you're a die-hard fan of its programming or an Italian abroad seeking a touch of home, you might be wondering:...

Using an encrypted messaging app keeps your conversations ultra-private

Our daily communication has become increasingly dependent on messaging apps. Whether it's texting a friend or having a work chat, most of our conversations happen over messaging platforms. While messaging apps provide convenience, they also raise privacy concerns. Our conversations over regular messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are...